My name is Geoff and I am the owner of this website. I have an inherited nickname from Hash House Harriers which is Tripod. I also often user the username grt007 in usergroups and forums.

I became interested in elliptical trainers as a fitness triner a couple of years ago. I have always struggled with my fitness levels (I am now in my sixties) and suffer from osteo arthritis particularly in my knees and right hip. (from old football injuries). I could no longer runand because of my lifestyle finding time for a gym was out of the question. I purchased an elliptical trainer and have been so glad ever since.

At hotellipticaltrainers.com we aim to provide expert and innovative reviews on elliptical trainers that can assist you in the appropriate manner to select the best fitness elliptical trainer according to your lifestyle. In our reviews we focus on a range of customers who are looking for an affordable and expert fitness training program online. We will provide updated reviews on the latest collection of elliptical trainers from top fitness equipment brands such as Xtera, Excerputic, Nordictrack, Proform, Horizon, Schwinn, Bowflex and more. After a look at these reviews it will be surely easy for you to select the best elliptical equipment that meets your requirements.

If you ask yourself "Is there reallly a need to invest on a elliptical machine?" After reviewing the content provided on this site I am sure the answer will be YES! Because the sedentary lifestyle of today's culture hasa very bad impact on our health that results in a lot of health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, Diabaties, heart problems and many other modern day afflictions. It will be a wise choice to keep yourself fit using elliptical excercise equipment rather than letting yourself fall victim to being medically classified as have an unfit body. Just including some workouts and physcial activities into your daily routine will be a smart decision to maintain your body fitness.

Elliptical trainers are new genration equipment with extreme features of smart and easy handable designs that does not require a lot of space like traditional treadmills. It is really an invention in the field of excercise equiment. Whether you wish to include a new excercise equipment into your gym or want it for your domestic use these elliptical trainers are  a good option. But workout needs do vary from person to person that's why it is wise to reveiw the available ellipitcal machines as per your body requirement.